How does one apply for flight dispatching jobs?

“Virtual friend” of mine emailed me asking how does one go about applying or finding a flight dispatching job?

Any real time experiences or recommendations outside Google (been there) most appreciated.

  1. Get a dispatchers license.
  2. Send out resumes to every airline.
  3. Good luck, I don’t think it is a high turnover profession.

John in Saudi

Thanks John,

I gave the person the link to this thread so they can monitor the responses themselves.

Would the following be “reputable training leads”? … evel-2.jsp … tcher.html

They live in TN, so the second one would appear to me be a promising lead?

Until you posted, I never knew dispatchers were licensed so I googled to see if I could find any good links. Do you have any sources beyond the above? Feel free to PM me if you don’t want to post here.

Checking out Wiki, the job description sure was enlightening to me as the detail of the job quoted from Wiki below.

“have to demonstrate extensive aviation knowledge equal to that of Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) holders”

Bill Phelps has run ground schools all over the country for years. Good reputation if you want to study for the test, downside is you don’t really learn any more than what is required to pass the written. On the other hand I suspect airlines may look at your friend with only the written, hire him as an apprentice or some equivalent term. You do have to get some practical experience before doing the oral and practical after all.

This is not a written you can take and expect to pass with only one weekends worth of studying. As you found out it is practically the same as the ATP written.

Jeppesen’s course I don’t know anything about, probably a good book to have.


Thanks John!

I think we got all questions covered in the email to me. If he comes up with any additional questions, I will post 'em here.

Been a real learning experience for me for sure as I knew I was way out of my league.

It’s the same written test as the ATP- The state of Alaska runs a school for 121 dispatchers in the village of Galena, you can go to school there.