How do I view Dump1090 data?


How can I view the data that dump1090 is generating (Ident, altitude, speed, Lat/Lon etc.)? Is it stored on my RPi somewhere?


Status page and map at piaware/ (or follow the “local data” link on your stats page)
Decoded basestation-style output on TCP port 30006, mlat on 30106
Raw Beast-format data on TCP port 30005, mlat on 30105

The data is not archived.


Thanks! I was under the mistaken impression that it was stored.


but you can do that if you want depends of your good coverage maybe you need a good cpu and big hard drive.

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I view the aircraft.json file from my RPi, for example:


I have a vbscript running on an old laptop that reads the json file and picks out the ones that have coordinates and altitude information and save it to a CSV file. I’ve been doing this for over a year now. Amount of data is about 240KB a day for CYYZ, largely depends on the number of planes you’re picking up. Unfortunately we moved and the elevation of the new place dropped considerably from where we were previously and the data was nearly cut in half :frowning:


Hi Tanner. I get a 404 (using my IP address) with that URL. Is there a config needed to expose the JSON data?



/dump1090-fa/ if you are using dump1090-fa


Your configuration file (usually /etc/default/dump1090-mutability) has these 2 lines (not right after each other):

Now check if your /run/dump1090-mutability directory has the same user as owner.
This was at least my issue :slight_smile: