How do I setup MLAT?

I have read through the community pages and can not find a complete answer. Does it require two receivers. Can I configure it with one receiver?


you have to enable is in the setup.
In order to enable it you have to setup your location on the flightfeeder page. (Cogwheel top right side of the page is the place to go).
In order to feed MLAT you do need other recievers nearby to synchronise with

jim7j6cef ADS-B Feeder Statistics - FlightAware

That page, click the gear wheel to enter the location.
Then reboot your receiver and MLAT should start working.

As a bit of an explanation, for MLAT to work, there need to be multiple receivers operating in your area, but you only need to provide one of them.
If you have a look at your Stats page and scroll down to Nearby Sites, you’ll see there are lots of nearby sites running MLAT that you can synchronise with (this is automatic once you have enabled MLAT on your site and requires no additional input from you).

Thanks I have it working now.


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