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How do I get non-overlapping future info from AirportBoards endpoint?


Looking at the API documentation, the AirportBoards endpoint returns Arrivals, Departures, Enroute, and Scheduled entries. We are pulling the data down to a local database and saving it, but I’m not sure which calls to make to get the data that we need. Here is what we’re trying to accomplish:

  • Find current information on arrivals and departures +/- 24 hours from now.

It seems as if the Arrivals and Departures data gives us historical data. It would make sense for the Enroute response to provide updates on incoming arrivals, and Scheduled would give us updates on departures. I’m seeing data for arrivals and departures coming in on both the Enroute and Scheduled results. What is the best place to call to get the updates for existing flights and projections for the incoming flights for the next 24 hours? I’m not finding reference to ways to filter the TrackAirportStruct? endpoint in the API documentation.