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How cold is it...up there?

At 35000 feet on a day like this does the pilot know the outside temp?

Yes. Last flight back from the UK IFE reported Outside Air Temperature (OAT) was around -70F. Plenty of real pilots around here will chime in. I’m just a roadwarrior wannabe…

yes, we have thermometers.
typically up high the temperatures will be anywhere from -55 to -70 centigrade.

I thought pilots were so good that they need only stick their fingers out the window to determine the temperature. Now I’m really saddened to learn that you use an instrument to find out the temperature.

Oh, I have an instrument.


That chart they gave you which calculates temperature by the length of time it takes for your finger to freeze solid is a fake.

Yeah… they got me too. I should have been suspicious though since it came with a coupon for a gallon of prop wash and 100 yards of flight line. :angry:

That is FUNNY!

Reminds me of sending the new shop boy to the parts room for a can of compression.

We told interns that they needed to make new tokens for the token ring network…

Aviation equivalent of the henway?