US Air fluid leaking

When do I or do I tell the flight attendants that fluid sprayed all over the windows just as we were taking off and they were seated?

Do I whisper it to them or pass a note ?
Is it a common occurrence on US Air ?

Rather than cause a panic I did nothing. It was September 10th of 2008…

Thank you

where were you departing from? it might have been de-ice fluid which is okay

May have been rain or condensation on the fuselage blowing off in the wind.

I’m assuming everything worked out.

I was going from Philly to Lax for the final leg of my trip. It was 80 degrees at 1pm . Maybe it was nothing serious . Would you have reported it at some point and let the pilot know or would you have minded your own business and kept a vigil for a safe flight?

Deicing fluid will collect in areas and if the deice crew gave the airplane a bath it can last for quite a while. Most of my experience is with turbo props and RJ’s so the legs are shorter, but I’ve seen aircraft on the ground that hadn’t been deiced for several legs that still have some deicing fluid in the crevaces near the flaps landing gear doors etc.

Was it 80 in PHL?? What type A/C? Could’ve been an aircraft that originated somewhere else on the E Coast and then flew to PHL and had residual fluid from the earlier leg.

I got on in Manchester, NH . I do not know if the plane originated in Manchester or just to pick me up. I am sure you all know it was nothing to worry about it . I did worry the whole flight wondering if I should say something for the crews return to Philly .

I feel better that I asked you and I can put the issue to bed.

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Thanks again :slight_smile:

I understand. I remember when I was just starting my airline career I was on an ATR, that originated that flight. I knew it had not been sprayed. The whole way to ORD I kept seeing a trail of fluid and I was aft of the wing. Was it hyrdaulic fluid or what? Well, it was glycol that had been sitting in around the flaps and accumulated enough air hit the collection enough to send it down the fuselage. Happens all the time , and since it’s red to orange in color and thicker than water, it does look like a hydraulic fluid when you’re thinking the worst.

Another scenario:

The fluid was blue and had little chunks of airline peanuts in it. :frowning: