Hourly collection graph


Hi, love the new graphs. Only problem is at the top of the hour the 24 hour graph drops (as it should) to zero.
This is concerning because I want to know if there’s a feed problem, an internet problem at the location, or anything else that has sent my results to zero.
Perhaps it could be a graph of the last 24 FULL hours versus a truly live graph?
Just a thought.


Delaying visibility of the data until the hour is over would diminish the sense of how realtime the data was. We’ve considered making the current data point be estimated, by scaling the value by the percentage of the hour that has elapsed. But I don’t think that actually got implemented–there might be more user confusion by seeing those estimated values increase/decrease rapidly in the span of an hour.


Maybe you could split the display between the current display not showing the current hour and one “current hour display” that shows actual value not related to older data and maybe with a different unit like msgs/s per time slice (I do not know how real time these can be).