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New stats with hourly log

Nice display :slight_smile:

Wish the data included in the radar view would be more explicit.

In my case the 200nm+ circles parts get on and off more or less randomly and I can’t figure out why.

My suspicion, based upon watching the data, is that when present, it is usually uncorrected data, and when absent, the data has been corrected. I say this mostly because I normally see the 200nm+ circles near the start of a new day, and they tend to disappear as the day progresses, exactly the opposite from what you would expect for normally accumulating data.

Yup – when I looked at a few of those, I spotted things like 2100nm range at 2750ft altitude – not geometrically possible… When I shifted to running dump1090-mobility (shameless plug for obj’s work), a lot of those weirdies in the outer circle disappeared, but the overall numbers improved because of the way he does corrections and filtering.

I like the hourly display!

bob k6rtm

Glad you noticed the new feature! :slight_smile: The hourly data calculations were one of the features made possible by the backend stats improvements made a couple weeks ago.

I caught a plane in the act of creating the bogus data. The pattern was very interesting. I guess we can’t attach pictures here. If I find where I put it, I’ll upload it somewhere and post a link. Essentially, the points alternated between good points and bad points. The bad points weren’t random, though, so the overall pattern looked somewhat like an orb spider web at the scaffold stage.

What is the difference between last 24 hours and trailing 24 hours?


What’s the difference between today and yesterday?


So one is 24 hours older than the other? Which is which?

You’ll get this effect if it has a flaky GPS lock for some reason - it’ll switch from GPS data to INS data.

(In theory, there is information about this in the ADS-B messages - they include the position’s uncertainty. In practice it’s tricky to work out what to keep and what to discard, because the largest categories are huge, but lots of aircraft send that anyway)

“Last 24 hours” means the time period spanning between 0 and 24 hours ago.

“Trailing 24 hours” means the time period spanning between 24 and 48 hours ago.

“Trailing 7 days” means the time period spanning between 48 and 216 hours ago.

Thanks for the new stats display. Only criticism I would make it is the page is bandwidth hungry on a mobile data smart phone

I am not a native english speaker so I may wrong on this but changing the wording to what you just gave makes it very clear where the data is coming from, while the “trailing” one does not sound so clear.