Honeywell's Boeing 720B RIP


She’s gone :cry:

She was scrapped yesterday… I left on a trip Thursday morning and she was sitting on the flight test ramp next to her replacement…

When I came home this afternoon and taxied by she was a pile of metal shards with two of her engines loaded on a flatbed and the other two lying on the ramp. On top of my dismay, I was at the controls as it was my leg as PIC so I was caught off guard and unable take a pic of what was left of her. Several weeks ago she was commemorated with a signing by the members of the flight test team on her forward right side fuselage under the test engine pylon. A sad ending for such a grand airplane… RIP Boeing 720B S/N 18384/237


That sucks! On the bright side, at least they got the right one. :laughing:


Last B720 still flying - photos

That is it, we are down to one flying example. There is a VIP B720 P4-NJR which is stored in Beriut (don’t know how safe that is)?, and another VIP N720JR stored in Malta. There are 3 intact in museums, some partial airplanes lying around for show/parts/training including the old LA Dodgers B720 N1R used for parts and sitting at Davis Monthan.


There are good days…



Click Here for photos . . .


Heh…I’ve actually been to that Circle-K on the left side of that pic…
I think this plane would have been better suited to a museum somewhere. But I guess Honeywell wanted to squeeze as much out of her as possible…including a few bucks for the scraps.


There were several discussions over the years about sending her to a museum, but liability fears raised their ugly heads.