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Historic non-commercial flights information

Hello, I’m calling the AirlineFlightSchedules endpoint to retrieve historic flights information for commercial flights, but since that endpoint doesn’t retrieve non-commercial flights now I’m trying to retrieve that information calling the “scheduled”, “arrived” and “departed” endpoints.

But those last 3 endpoints only retrieve information within the last 24hs. and I would like to search for historic data too (like flights from one month ago).

Do you know if there is any way to get that information about non-commercial flights calling any of the AeroAPI endpoints?

Thank you very much

I do see that the information is somewhere since I do see here only flights for the last 24 hs:

but if you click there in the “ident” column values, you will have the historical data not only the flights for the las 24 hs. This is what we need.

How can we achieve the same by using the API?


Unfortunately, at this time, there is limited historical data available within the API. That data, however, can be purchased online. Buy Airport Full History ✈ KMTN - FlightAware