Historic data (over API)

I can see that you have historic data available like flightaware.com/live/flight/AAL3 … /KJFK/KLAX

Question: is it possible to request historic data over API or over other methods ?

No, historic data is not currently available over any API. We are considering an API for historic data.

Generally what are you looking to pull for historic data over API?

mduell, thanks for fast answer.

Historic is a broad word, basically I would need to query the flights of the last days up to 7 days in the history.
For example on Friday I need the data of a flight which has happen on Monday.

I would need the following with up to 7 days history:
Aircraft Type -ICAO
Origin - ICAO
Origin Name
Origin City
Destination - ICAO
Destination Name
Destination City
Scheduled departure time/date -UTC
Scheduled arrival time/date - UTC
Actual departure time/date - UTC
Actual arrival time/date - UTC
Enroute time


I think you can get up to two weeks of flight history via the FlightXML API - specifically the FlightInfoEx query request. This should return you up to two weeks worth of flight data.

I think it returns all of the field you indicated below plus a few more. From: flightxml.flightaware.com/soap/F … htExStruct
field Type
actualarrivaltime int
actualdeparturetime int
aircrafttype string
destination string
destinationCity string
destinationName string
diverted string
estimatedarrivaltime int
faFlightID string
filed_airspeed_kts int
filed_airspeed_mach string
filed_altitude int
filed_departuretime int
filed_ete string
filed_time int
ident string
origin string
originCity string
originName string
route string

mduell, can you confirm?

Hope this helps,

Yes, you can get at least a week of history from FlightInfoEx.