Historic data for specific route / airport


I was wondering, is it possible to get historic results for a specific day for a specific route? I ask because my flight BER 8841 (FCO/LIRF - DUS/EDDL) got cancelled on Christmas eve 24 dec 2010 and Air Berlin refuses to compensate me because of ‘exceptional circumstances, which could not have been prevented by taking all reasonable measures’. I highly doubt this, as at the time the flight got cancelled (after arriving at FCO airport) I distinctly remember seeing two more flights to DUS, scheduled ‘on-time’. Of all the flights on the screens there were 2 flights cancelled (my flight and one to Rimini). :unamused:

I can’t seem to find this info on the site, maybe someone can point me in the right direction… What I would like to know is, did other flights FCO-DUS fly on that day? And how was air traffic / weather that day at DUS, is Air Berlin in their right stating that there were ‘exceptional circumstances’?

Is it possible to get this information from the site? I find it hard to look for historic data if I don’t know the flight number but only the route - maybe I’m looking at it the wrong way.

I’d find the flight numbers that fly that route, then you look at the specific flight #s and then view 4 months of history.

I tried that, I see that the Lufthansa 3201 was also cancelled. I see that today (also a friday) flight EZY 4903 (U2 4903) flies, but I can’t find this flight on FlightAware. Also I vaguely remember a TUIFly flight that day, but can’t find details. Is there a way to find what flights flew on a day in the past between two airports?