hexadecimal in UAT


Hi All

First day enjoying watching UAT in action…I notice as the data streams by, some data are displayed in Hexadecimal format…how can I interpret that data in text format?



I was working on decoding more UAT messages - you can try to get a copy of my dump978 branch on github. But I ran into an issue with the segmented UAT messages which will require a significant change to dump978 and unfortunately I do not have time to fix the issue now. May be in a couple of months I will be able to get back to dump978.


How do I find your branch? And how do I install?



github.com/agretch/dump978 . Installation/usage is exactly same as original version from Oliver (obj). My changes affect only uat2text.



Can you explain what the segmented UAT messages are? I downloaded some pdfs from the FAA today, but haven’t had a chance to dig into them.

Would I need to make any other changes to my Dump978 install, other than installing your branch?

Thanks for your help



The payload of the single UAT packet is roughly 400 bytes which is more then enough for positional data used for tracking purposes, but it is not enough for long TAFs or NOTAMs. If the full message can not fit into the limit of the single UAT packet it will be broken into segments and transmitted via multiple UAT packets. The segments must be re-assembled into to full message by the receiver before decoding.


Thx, agretch

I installed your fork and it seems to work fine…I see far fewer Hex entries…I assume the remaining ones are the segmented msgs




the hexdecimal messages are the ones I did not get to yet as I was looking to resolve segmented messages. The segmented messages can be identified by some hex garbage in front or at the end of message and missing characters (it is a fallback from the current design of the dump978 which work with one UAT packet at a time so the full message is not re-assembled prior to decoding).