Helpful Command Sharing

I thought maybe it might be a good idea to have people share some helpful commands for people. I know a good handful, but some people doesn’t. So maybe people can share some common commands and etc. And tell us what they do. Just a thought I had.

For Ex. This one can check the Temp of the RPi CPU

vcgencmd measure_temp

This is a great little script that gives you live updating info on the Pi’s. I use it to test overclocking stability…

Instead of all the time full command write you can make a script with That command ex:
Sudo nano
Write that command on the file save and close now give read and write permissions
Sudo chmod +x

Now you can check rpi temperature with more simple command



Or follow:
and get real fancy.

Neat hack! I stick to the prebuilt monitors, I’m still trying to learn collectd and rrdtool.

But I do use this package, it a lightweight web based system monitor for the RasPi that’s based on perl.

If you really really want to track your RasPI temperatures take a look at my solution posted here: … -core.html