[Feature request] Load average and temperature display


As a person who loves to see numbers and data in general, I was wondering if it would be possible to display the load average and temperature of the device in SkyView. It doesn’t have to be fancy; maybe a discrete line on top of the panel on the right.
I run other services on the Rpi and it would be useful to see this information; I usually ssh in and check it.
It is also useful to check the CPU temperature if the device is not well ventilated or outdoors.
Thank you for your consideration.



I too would like to see some sort of built in values, Perhaps even on a separate page?


Thank you for the suggestion. We will consider it for a future update.


Another vote to show this or give us a command to send the Pi to show it on the log screen.

My Pi is in a metal box in the attic, powered over POE. I don’t have easy physical access to it to hook up a monitor/keyboard.



btw you can use the command

cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp

then divide by 1000


Or on a Pi ‘sudo vcgencmd measure_temp’


I also think that a temperature display on SkyView screen would be nice.

On my RPi, I have a script (tempcheck.sh) that displays temperature in degrees C and F.
This script is called from ~/.bashrc so appears on every login.
This script can be called from other scripts as well or run manually.

The temperature is displayed as part of the login messages. For example:
The CPU’s current temperature is:
27.7 °C (81.86 °F)

These two lines are at end of my ~/.bashrc file:
echo “The CPU’s current temperature is:”

This is the contents of my file ~/bin/tempcheck.sh.
(this file has execute permissions)
tm=/opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd measure_temp
tc=echo $tm| cut -d '=' -f2 | sed 's/..$//'
tf=$(echo “scale=2;((9/5) * $tc) + 32” |bc)
echo $tc \°C ($tf \°F)

I believe that the package bc was not included, so
sudo apt-get install bc
was necessary to get the degees F calculation.


Please make the temperature display of FF in SkyView