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Feature request: RPi cpu temperature on dump1090 webpage

First post, so be gentle. I would like to see my Raspberry pi cpu tempersture displayed somewhere prominately on the 1090 dump webpage. I leave my monitor on that page and seldom change it. I would love to see the status of my cpu since the unit is located in an inaccesable place. I know the historical values of the cpu temperature and if i coud see the current temperature i could determine if my cooling fan has failed.

I never figured out how to do that on the 1090 page but I did manage to get Rpimonitor set up that has that info.
I found it in this thread:

and here is a screenshot

I have it on a seperate page for exactly that reason.
Hope this helps

You can get the temp with vcgencmd measure_temp.
Other useful vcgencmd actions are:
vcgencmd get_throttled
vcgencmd get_config int
vcgencmd measure_volts.

I run these commands from a terminal window.

I agree it would be great to see something similar to the status block that is displayed in pi-hole on either the dump1090 or the site information screen rather than having look at other screens to get the same info.

You can see the CPU temperature by visiting the PiAware Status page (enter the IP address of you piaware in a browser.

Unless you are talking about having it on the SkyAware map page…