Help with using pi3 to dump tracks to a SD card

Hi, I am thinking of sending up my piaware up in a high altitude balloon and like to dump the DF17 reports to the SD card. I have some programing but it has been awhile. Any idea? Any easy buttons?

You can enable logging in dump1090. Not sure if the std version does it or if you need to use dump1090-mut
Use a decent SD card. maybe 16-32GB.

You could probably just use a simple $5 antenna like those used for stratux receivers.
You could probably life without the filter as it is fairly heavy.
The nooelec minis are fairly small and lite. The prostick isn’t that heavy. depends on which connector you need.

Thanks - I was no aware of the logging features in the dump1090. I will research that over the week and see if I can get it set up. I have piaware running on a ras3 and nesdrmin - all within my weight limits. (with battery)