Help required with a new antenna

Hello all!
I recently bought a new antenna from China :

( use google translate )

I hook it up, and I’m getting next to nothing, in comparison with my mag mount little antenna which performs much better.

I was assuming that this new antenna would give me an insane boost in traffic, but the yield resulted in just tracking aircraft 3 or 4 nm out.

Is there something I’m missing

I’m using the Pro Stick > FA - FILTER > SMA - N converter > Antenna.

I’m guessing there’s something I’m not doing right

Hope someone can shed some light

Provided the antenna isn’t defective, I’d be willing to bet it’s one of your connectors. What kind of SMA-N connector do you have exactly? Can you post pictures of it (looking to the inside of each end)?

The converter :

That looks like the proper connector. Have you tried adjusting your gain down? That antenna states it’s got a 9dB gain, which is quite a lot and you may be getting signals that are too powerful and overdriving the receiver.

ProStick Gain adjustment;

Are there no coax cable/pigtail in your system? What are the connectors on both ends of coax cable/pigtail?

No there are no coax or pigtails. Just a direct converter. Is this what the problem is.

Try setting gain to 35

I decided to cut open the PVC pipe that the antena was stored in and this was whats in it :

Looks like a derivative of a COCO antenna but there are some question marks in how its done.

I’m guessing this is why it is basically not working at all.

Anyone can tell me if there’s something I can do to fix this antenna