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Help! ID Helicopter Flight over my house

A helicopter flew over my house about two weeks ago. I did not see it, but it was about 100’ high and did a circle around a friend’s house. As it flew over, my wifi cut out, probably due to electrical interference.

I did not see the flight but my friends did and they thought they saw USG (USGS??)

It took me some time and then I found this site. I don’t want to give away personal information, but would like to ID the Helicopter that flew over my house with doors open. The helicopter was white with red at the bottom, similar to some Bell 412’s I was able to find but I don’t know much about aviation

This is the 2nd time this has happened though.

The last date was [edit] 5/25/21 at 9:30 - about 20-30 miles north of milwaukee.

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I’m sorry but without an approximate location and time I very much doubt anyone will be able to help. I presume you are in the US somewhere but I would think many hundreds of red and white helicopters flew over houses in the US that day.

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Lots of articles about low flying USGS helicopters here:


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Thanks for the help, the details would be:

~9:30 AM Central
20-30 miles North of Milwaukee WI

I think it was possibly coast guard


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Thanks LH, I updated the data below. One person said they saw USG-something, the other said USCG (coast guard).

The whole thing was weird and probably just a coincidental turnaround point for them, but still a little odd that it happened twice.

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Looks like Coast Guard C6007 flew over Strawberry Glen Rd.

Hit the replay button to watch the flight.


There are charts and radio beacons that helicopters (VFR) have to follow on their route. Especially in proximity of International Airports.


Thanks! I think that’s it. Can I ask how you found that? Do you have a premium subscription or can you run a search like this with basic?

As an aside: This would’ve been useful many years ago. There was a helicopter that nearly landed by my friends and I while playing outside in a field. We thought it was the news so we kept playing. Then we saw the door open with men all wearing black and/or green. We noticed there was a red laser pointed near us and ran to hide in nearby bushes. It lasted about 1 minute. I still have no idea what it was. I didn’t see anyone holding anything and had no idea where the laser was coming from. Concluded that it was possibly some rich guys messing with us.

Karen, Karen, Karen… what kind of “playing” was going on there and in who’s field? :rofl:

I see Coast Guard helicopters in my area almost everyday with numbers above C6000, so I was looking for that.
I converted the 9:30 am CDT to 14:30 UTC and went to www.flightradar24.com and adjusted their map to show the area from Milwaukee to Port Washington.
Hit the Playback option at the bottom of the page.
Select Date and left arrow to May and select May 25.
Select Time (UTC) and select 14 hour and 30 minutes.
Hit start Playback and at 14:34 UTC on the Playback Timeline, C6007 pops up over Strawberry Glen Rd.
Press pause and click on the C6007 icon to show the flight track.
Then go to www.flightaware.com and enter C6007 to Track.
Scroll down to select View more track history.
Click on the 25-May-2021 flight that ends at 09:49 CDT.
The yellow down spike graph shows it slowed down and did a circle before going on.
Probably wanted to look at the streets that look like 3 helipads.
The previous encounter may have been an Army or National Guard helicopter looking at the Cul-de-sac helipads.
Or any helicopter pilot likes to find a good place to land.

That might be part of training then…

That’s funny I saw this comment. I’m a little late. But since we’re talking about Aircrafts over homes & all. Maybe y’all can help. I found this website a few months ago after looking and looking trying to figure out who tf was flying at such low altitudes in the same route very very low altitude from sun up to sun dOwn over my apartment complex I live in Louisiana.this aircraft I’ve recorded this thing I have hundreds of videos.it’s a censsa ?! (Spell check please forgive me I know nothing about planes lol) but they’ve been flying non stop everyday all day same route same loop since like last September.actually I hear them passing over as I type this.it’s crazy.they aren’t practice flying especially over such a populated area. I’m literally right next to downtown.sometimes they will be visible on this live data feed sometimes they aren’t logged on there but they’re be passing over but no where to be found on the map.I also live like 5 miles away from one of the largest bases in the country. BAFB barksdale. But anyways has anybody else experienced this? Won’t let me upload videos that’s not the best screenshot but it’s usually all white. VERY VERY LOW altitudes like barley skimming over the top of my apartment complex. It’s that low.


You have a flight school TUBREAUX AVIATION SERVICES
flying out of Shreveport Downtown Airport (Shreveport, LA) DTN
with these two planes departing and returning, going around and around, doing touch and go practice, multiple times a day

N358TW Cessna Skyhawk C172

N590SP Cessna Skyhawk C172