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Help -- display aircraft list remotely - PP issues


Looking for a text display similar to the aircraft view of PlanePlotter that I can view remotely and control some of the parameters such as when to drop the aircraft.

Having unresolved issues with PP causing the monitor to flicker. Replaced the Basestation.sqb (have read that can be the problem, if it has been corrupted) but still have the flicker problem.

The ideal would be to use putty and display Dump1090 in “interactive” mode. Using the Piaware 1.20-1 image and have modified fadump1090.ssh to bootup with that option but it doesn’t display.

A solution to the above is probably obvious to some but not me.

Would appreciate any tips.


Try “view1090” (it’s probably already on your piaware image) - this is basically a dump1090 variant that runs in interactive mode and connects to a local port (i.e. your existing dump1090) for data.


View1090 is exactly what I needed. And easy to set parameters such as time-out.

Many thanks for the help.