Help a guy out

So I’m lazy and if there is a thread that answers this OR a FAQ please don’t blast me.
IS there ANY way to track AC on Trans oceanic flights? need to track a G-II coming from Dukar to St. Lucia (TLPL).
AND will the flight so as an En-route to TLPL on this site?

If it’s coming from Europe (not sure where “Dukar” is), we’ll probably track it and it will appear on the TLPL enroute/arrivals boards.

2911NM from Dakar to St. Lucia, long flight unless it’s a G2B. That’s assuming you mean Dakar. Which is in Senegal, Africa.

Yeah where did you find that? It’s a G-II with a G-III wing.

Never mind I had to re-read what you wrote. I thought you found the tail number. Then I remembered that the tail number is a YV #. Our Chief pilot went to pick up an airplane in Dakar 3 weeks ago and the government took his passport and haven’t let him leave yet. Limited phone and email So I’ve been watching TLPL for a G-II.

Yikes! I’m quite content staying within the USA.

Bummer, that would be a G2 B then. So, did you give yourself a raise in the meantime?

Handy little website:


I was gonna ask if this was a good thing or not. I might try that technique with some of the guys i fly with…“Hey, you want to make a little extra cash on a ferry flight? Yeah, it’s in Dakar…”

Dead link…

No, just improperly posted:

Interesting, I just copy/pasted it. Oh well.
Ferry flights and contract work can be good but you better not show up in another country without every scrap of paperwork done in triplicate and checked by 14 secretaries for accuracy.
Or a big bag of cash. :open_mouth:

We found him- on his way home on Delta in 5hrs