Hello I'm new :-)

my antena for adsb


another antenas :slight_smile:



I’m intrigued - do tell more…

Good luck! Nice, open surrounding, good for long range receiving!

sp6zolw ADS-B Feeder Statistics - FlightAware

I live with my parents, I have a roof for myself and I am an amateur radio

I describe the construction of my radio station in my native language (Polish) in the form of a work logo on one young electronics forum

the text has language errors, simplification and technical inaccuracies because not everyone knows what to do with it, I recommend Google translator or something for automatic translation I have a small problem with rtl sdr but if it is solved, the station will hear better

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Which RTL-SDR are you using and what problem do you have?

I’m certain there are people here who can help!

I think I have diagnosed the problem, but I do not have time to fix it, it works but it will be better

Edge browser to the rescue:

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