Happy new year

Here it is, midnight in Dubai and I’m on the computer talking to you guys.
I need a life.

John in Saudi


Cheers John


Last time I was there for New Years all the clubs were sausage fests or hookers. Still the same after the financial apocalypse?

Pretty much, this hotel won’t let the hookers in. haven’t looked for the others. :slight_smile: Seems like fewer people around though.

Happy New Year! Be safe… Hard to believe 2010 is here! :smiley:

I’d be finding another hotel!

…enjoy your 2010… Happy New Year everyone.

Happy New Year John, stay safe.

Happy New Year to all you other miscreants as well, you know who you are! :wink:

Happy New Year to all

For the record, it was the moderator that started the discussion of hookers.

Happy 2010! :stuck_out_tongue:

Awwww, you’re so sweet to think of me during the holidays! :wink:

:laughing: Thank you James…

Happy new year all!

Now go out and commit aviation! :smiley: