Guest Access to My ADS-B


Is it possible for a friend to view My ADS-B data? I know they can view my actual map if I give them my IP address and of course the router is set up but the actual data would be interesting.


your ip and port 30003?

Make that his ip and port 30005 for ads-b, or port 30105 for mlat data :wink:

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That showed page unavailable when viewed over my local network. The ports show up fine if I do a port scan.

Should I be using something other than a browser?


Yes, this is for VirtualRadar software.

Virtual Radar is awesome software specially seeing that is is free. The biggest pain with it is getting all the dots to line up and all the files for the snazzy icons. However this does require good internet with no bandwidth as I use mine at my job to help track inbound flights (we work at the airport) along with keeping eye out for the Military that likes to show up all the time unannounced. On a single day I will end up sending little over 2-5 GB of data with 3 second update intervals.

Here is mine… With a webforward deal you can bypass the pesky business of ip stuff and just have a simple website name but once again requires some connecting dots. (mostly webforwarding correct IP and port, and setting of a Google API Key so maps will work. )

user and password is guest

Just found an easy way - create a ‘flightcrew’ then crew members can view the ADS=B data.


Register for a free Dynamic DNS here ==> .

Have one via dtdns so can access my data on my map; it was the other data I wanted friends to be able to view. My graphs, planes and positions recorded etc.