Guess the Nations 3 Busiest Airports in Terms of Flights?


Came across this in our Daily News Update (DNU) for the airline I work for, thought it would be interesting to share.

Including takeoffs and landings, what is the nations 3 busiest airpors?
(Based on US Goverment Data)
Here is the link:

Just try guessing before actually scrolling down!!!

Here they are:

ATL: 976,307 flights in 2006
ORD: 958,643 flights in 2006
DFW: 702,713 flights in 2006


HMMMmmmmm… Got one of 'em right.
I guessed ORD, LAX and DCA. Now I realize DCA doesn’t have so many operations - it’s just congested with only one runway to handle the big boys.


I guessed 2. I had ATL-ORD-LAX. Do you have the rest of the top 10 or so? The linkie didn’t workie for me.


I correctly had ATL and ORD, but I guessed EWR in the no. 3 spot ahead of DFW.


That’ll do it, Sorry


Where does VNY, MMU, TEB, and other mainly general aviation airports fit in? The BTS is commercially oriented so it will show only airline airports. It wouldn’t surprise me if TEB had more takeoffs and landings than the airports mentioned above.


Here is a link to the FAA Adminstrator’s Fact Book, which give a pile of statistics about Air Traffic Activity for Towers, Centers, etc.

The December book is linked on this page, so it might be a tiny bit out of date, compared the information on traffic numbers that have been in the news lately.

PDF files… … _factbook/


So it appears the largest GA airport is number 18. It’s Van Nuys in California.


ATL, ORD and DFW have consistently been the top 3 for the past several years, though ORD was ahead of ATL until ~ 5-10 years ago.