FAA's Airport Delay Page (www.fly.faa.gov)

I’m sure everybody knows about this. My question is this: am I missing something, or should Teterboro be removed from the main page? From my understanding it’s no longer anything but a little GA airstrip. Even some of the other airports (RDU for one) aren’t hubs by any stretch of the imagination and nobody is really caring about them on the main page. Am I off base or just msising something?

It looks like the 40 busiest (IFR) airports in the US are on there. TEB doesn’t serve any airlines, but it’s definitely on that list and is above IND and TPA among others.

Why is Teterboro so busy? I see it being flown in to a lot…where is it?

Teterboro has principally been nothing more than a GA airport throughout its history, but there’s nothing “little” about it.

TEB has consistently ranked among the top ten busiest GA airports in the US for more than 30 years to my knowledge and is one of the principal airports for business aircraft visiting NYC.

It’s also where I learned to fly almost 45 years ago!



Six miles from Manhattan in northern NJ.

Google is your friend.


Well, I suppose my next question is, “What is the intended purpose of the main page?” I’ve always thought and felt that it was for those of us flying commercial airlines, so that we can see how the hubs and major destinations are doing in terms of delays. The way the page is written (several instances of “Check with your airlines”) would seem to support that purpose. I guess I figured that GA folks would be using other resources.

Also you can read here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KTEB

No, the page in my topic (fly.faa.gov). That’s the topic of this thread, not flightaware.

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The “intended purpose” of the main page is to show in one place flight delay information at airports. The FAA serves ALL aviation assets, not just commercial aviation, so showing delays at large GA airports like TEB isn’t outside the scope of the website.



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Believe it or not, the airlines do not carry as many passengers as general aviation does. So, why shouldn’t the page show ALL delays, not just airline delays?

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I guess my thought was this: several of those airports on that page aren’t common destinations for GA aircraft (especially the fortresses for the legacy airlines). Wouldn’t it make sense to have it split into two maps- one that would be a better at-a-glance for commercial airlines and one for GA?

Asked and answered I thought.