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Grafana dashboard on PiAware?

Can the Grafana dashboard be used on a Pi without causing any issues?

If so, I find the installation instructions a little confusing/intimidating as I’m far from a Linux expert. Any help simplifying the procedure is appreciated as well.

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Yes, for sure

I had the installation running for about a week, but i stopped it due to the amount of data which are collected

You need a prometheus DB, Grafana and then this dashboard.

These instructions might help more, but some basic understanding in Linux should be available

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Are you referring to privacy issues or storage space issues as data is accumulated?

storage space and write attempts to the SD card
And finally i decided that i do not need that type of dashboard

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@timothydykstra82 We have been putting together a beta Docker environment that will allow you to easily set up Grafana dashboards on top of your PiAware for you all to try out. More information to come this week.


Awesome! Can’t wait to try it out. :sunglasses:


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