Getting Flightaware - Grafana running with a Jetvision device

A while ago FA announced having a Grafana docker available to get the data visualized.

Today i took my spare time and tried to get it running for my Jetvision Airsquitter as the graphs on it are not that beautiful.
I know about having the great graphs1090 collection from @wiedehopf installed is mainly sufficient, but i wanted to play around with something different.

So far it worked without any issues on a Raspberry Pi

The only challenge i had was to get the data using dump1090-fa from the Airsquitter to that Raspberry.
So i installed dump1090-fa, create a socat datapipe to the Raspberry where dump is running in net-only mode and voila:

Getting graphs1090 running is also easy. it would be even easier with readsb, because readsb can pull data from a remote device directly, so no socat pipe is required.
But i did not get FA-Grafana running with readsb, obviously the URLs differ, but i did not dig into it.

Just in case someone with a Jetvision device want to have some fancy graphs.
You can try to install the whole thing directly on the Jetvision device, but the performance would be bad as it’s a dual-core CPU with 512 MB only, so i would forget about that idea.
Using a spare Raspberry or other device is highly recommended

Note: Signal Level will not work as it is running in net-only mode.

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