Google Maps Charges


The following was posted to the ADSBExchange forum:

" ADSBx got a nasty surprise with Google Maps new pricing model. Google’s new pricing increased the cost of Google Maps over 40x. That’s a 4000% increase in the cost to use Google Maps!

Our bill went from $100-$175/month to $4040 for the first 3 weeks of September! Just 3 weeks.

Yes, you’re reading that right over $4000 USD for 3 weeks of Global Radar View using Google Maps."

So…if you use Google Maps, make sure your license still gives you free access to it, or be prepared for a surprise.


Lately I am avoiding anything “Google”. Still have my phone, because I hate equally Apple :slight_smile:


I only ever purchased one Apple product. It was an iPod, first and last.

For phones, it started with Samsung, then Asus, currently ZTE. Happy with all 3, as far as operation goes. The only IF was the price of the Samsung, it was the top model at the time. I don’t spend that kind of money on a phone anymore.:wink:


It was a wise decision by Oliver (@obj) to swith to OpenStreet Map in 2016. Please brows this thread to find out how much opposition he faced at that time:

The New Face of Dump1090-mutability


I would have opposed as well, while it was free, not today. As discussed on another thread, I switched to another map on VRS, once the licensing issue impacted me.


I have grabbed a free Bing Maps key and added that to my installation (two clock interface), besides the OpenStreetMap.


I have grabbed the Bing Key in 2016 and using it since then.


Haha, I didn’t meant that I did it now. But yeah, it was later than 2016, on 07/30/2017.