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Good set up to protect my system outdoors?

Hi my system is no longer running but I finally have time to try and get it fixed.

Because I have my antenna outside and I don’t want to drill a hole through my wall I keep my unit outside as well.

I had it in a plastic tote but that deteriorated in the sun.

Anybody got any cool set ups on how to keep it protected outside?

You can get UV-stable project boxes; see if you can find one in the size you need. You may also be able to route your coax up and underneath a roof tile and through the roof covering rather than drill a hole in a wall, and have it inside afterall.

I use one of these

Just about any weatherproof electrical box will work. You can find them at home depot or Lowes if you want to check sizes and see them in person. I have a metal 6inch square one on top of a tower in the sun and it has a cooling fan on the pi as it can get a bit warm on the CPU. So far my max is 61C this year but not bad considering it is running about 50% load almost 24/7. I just leave a hole on the bottom for wires and a little airflow and mount the pi a few inches up from the bottom and have not had any problems from water.