GIV and GV clip winglets at Bellingham . . .

Wish I had a photo :frowning: according to the FAA reports, the first report states Gulfstream V N1DC was parked, and its winglet was clipped by a taxiing Gulfsream IV N588LS.

However the second report states N588LS was parked and it was clipped by N1DC.

FAA preliminary N1DC

FAA preliminary N588LS

Both aircraft are ‘blocked’ so ???

Jerrys gonna be pissed either way!!

Mr. Adelson won’t be too thrilled either…

Hmmm, I’m gonna have to make a call.

NBC showed Mr. Jones in the crowd watching the men’s skating the other night. He looked happy; must have been before the “bump.”

I’ve got some pictures of N588LS over on Airport-Data – I believe when the pictures on 11/13/2009 where taken, the aircraft was being used by Governor Schwarzenegger.

Both aircraft have been issued ferry permits by the FAA to respective repair locations. Most likely a new winglet for each aircraft.

Guy in a pilot uniform walks into the hardware store and asks for thirty rolls of duck tape… :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, how does flying with one winglet change things?

A damaged winglet won’t adversely affect the handling of an aircraft. However it will induce some drag… A “field repair” was accomplished on both aircraft to satisfy the FAA for ferry permit issuance. And yes…there was duct tape involved… :wink:

That’s 500 mile per hour duct tape - right? The good stuff?

Apparently this particular roll received a “field” Tso by the FAA. :laughing:

One winglet ferry flights have been approved by Gulfstream for years.

Yeah its actually aluminum tape. And youll see that alot on emb145s too its a standard practice when repairing a windscreen seal. You apply b1/4 or b1/2 which is a aircraft sealant you can paint over, seals fuel tanks… etc. then smooth it out then spread dc-4 which is kinda like a petroleum jelly substance on top of the repair. Then cover it with aluminum tape for 24 hours if you intend to fly the aircraft so the sealant doesnt just blow all over the windshield and ruin a couple hundred thousand dollar pane of acrylic.

But yeah aluminum tape works wonders,I always had a roll in my bag when i went on trips to fix aircraft.

Why hasn’t robbreid posted pictures of this incident yet?