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Getting ident starting with # from PiAware

When getting data from PiAware we sometimes get a message where it looks like the same track is the more than once. But the Ident is different. The one looks Ident “normal” the other Ident is the Hexid starting with #.
Why is that? And is it possible to get the same kind of data from FireHose?

How are you obtaining data from piaware (I assume you mean dump1090-fa). Do you have example data or a screenshot? I don’t think we ever generate a # prefix, perhaps you’re thinking of ~?

Here is a example with # at the ident
{​"facility_hash":“01234567”,“alt”:“350”,“lon”:“10.27608”,“gs”:“107”,“type”:“position”,“hexid”:“45BA61”,“air_ground”:“A”,“gps_alt”:“650”,“ident”:"#45BA61",“clock”:“1606827517”,“id”:“45BA61-1606827517-piaware-1”,“heading”:“117”,“lat”:“56.15932”,“baro_alt”:“350”,“updateType”:“A”,“facility_name”:“Local ADS-B”,“pitr”:“1606827517”}​

Ah, this is pirehose?

The idents beginning with a # are specific to pirehose; they’re for cases where we don’t have a usable callsign available (because pirehose has only limited local data and no higher-level flight tracking decisions are made). You won’t see that in full Firehose as in general we require an ident from some source before we’ll depart a flight in the full system (often that will come from another non-ADS-B datasource e.g. schedules, ANSP flightplan data)

Thanks for quick response