My Pi's MAC changed

Something has become intermittent in my Pi setup lately so last night I took it don from its roost and re-imaged the SD card from the PiAware 3.5.0 image file. It’s working, but now my MAC is different from the address listed on stats page. So FA sees it as a new receiver that needs to be claimed. Is this typical?

I sent my beloved out for a new SD card just in case that’s the problem…

MAC address is no more used to identify & assign station number and linking to account.
A “Unique Identifier” is now used.

Every time a new image is written, Flightaware assigns a new “Unique Identifier”, and a new station number.

If you want to retain old station number, go to this page:
Bake a Pi, Option-1
Go to , Item 5 (c) “For retaining existing station number and it’s stats” and follow instructions.

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Unique Identifier at Stats page (You should be logged in to your Flightaware account to see the Unique Identifier)

Well, that fixed the ID problem, thanks.