Getting an error when requesting Flight Info

I am trying to get estimated departure time and arrival time(flight date doesn’t matter) for specific flight ID which is in excel file. The program is working and I got data successfully for two flight. But when I trying to get other flights, it gives me an error:

{XML Exception: “End element ‘Fault’ from namespace ‘’ expected. Found element ‘SOAP-ENV:detail’ from namespace ‘’. Line 2, position 375.”}

I am using FlightInfoStatus for this task. For example, I got the time data for “FHY0610” but I didn’t get the data of “KKK0010”. So, what is the problem?

I do not see a KKK10 flying within the past couple months. What dates were you looking for? The API is for future, current or very recent past flights.

Is there a similar feature for getting estimated arrival times for flights in the xml2 ?