Getting an approval from certified flight instructor

i can get a signature from a certified flight instructor , this is my ambition i will have to earn and spend money for flying on the glider. What to do immediately after the course completion. I m studying aeronautical engineering what are the things i should do to become a pilot after completing the course.

The typical progression to becoming a professional pilot is as follows:
Private Pilot
Instrument Rating
Commercial Pilot
Certified Flight Instructor (Not Necessary)
Multi-Engine Rating
Airline Transport Pilot

You’ll need to pay your dues like the rest of us… :smiling_imp:

Isn’t this roughly the same question you just asked in another thread? Are you sure you’re an aeronautical engineering student?

It’s a follow-up question to one he posted previously. He could’ve posted it in the same thread as the other one, but oh well. As long as Dami ain’t around to bust him in the chops over it, then no harm - no foul.

I detect a slight hint of foreign origin in him. If this is the case, I’d say he’s doing a commendable job in learning the English language. It’s not perfect, but very easily understood!