Garmin G1000 vs Avidyne

What glass cockpit do you like more: Garmin g1000 or avidyne?

My favorite would be a (margarita) glass cockpit.

Collins Proline

As an investor in GARMIN (Nasdaq GRMN), of course I wanna say Garmin! As a pilot,
and given those choices, I would say that I’d have to wait for the first one to
incorporate SYNTHETIC VISION SYSTEM into their products. CHELTON makes such
a product that is in the G.A. price range.

Seems like if you’re gonna pay all that money for glass, the added situational
awareness that SVS provides would be invaluable when flying in I.M.C. I’m
withholding my vote until such time as one of the above manufacturers makes a
product with SVS.
“Honeywells Synthetic Vision technology provides a 3-D view of the surrounding
terrain, obstacles, and runways fused with advanced symbology.”

I like Avidyne. It is more instuitive and I like the way the information is displayed. The only thing Garmin has over Avidyne is more redundancy.

I voted G1000, and i want G1000 in my next plane, but indeed the Avidyne looks better, but i don’t trust the Avidyne’s… that’s why i prefer the Garmins (in flight restart etc…)

Garmin, hands down.

Avidyne did a few things better in their interface, but…

The G1000 is by far the better machine from a technology standpoint. Also, buying an avidyne equipped plane right now is a loser because they have really needed to bring out the next version for a few years. The current system is maxed out on power. Garmin has proven that they can have really long life cycles, while also keeping at the top of capability.

The market has spoken, everyone who started with Avidyne has pretty much switched production to the G1000. Cirrus and Garmin had a bad experience when they tried to get together, so I predict they may be the only hold outs. Is anyone else left? Piper looks to be switching.

I would like SVS, but I am also wondering if it wouldn’t be just as good to start putting in FLIRs.

Avidyne is in trouble, piper switched to garmin, so now I think Cirrus is the only company that uses it. If Cirrus drops them, they are done for. :cry: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Forced to choose between those two, G1000. Otherwise Chelton EFIS.

does Garmin have the charts yet?

I’ve flown both. I much prefer the Avidyne.

You have the optional ChartView service from Jeppesen, and the optional FlightCharts for view NACO for DP’s, Stars, and approach plates.

Included is SafeTaxi airport diagram database.

Why? Is it for the resons already posted?

i have a c182t–05 model with g1000----DFC

why won’t cirrus switch to garmin?

Garmin tried to get the business years ago, but when the two organizations tried to work together it was like oil and water. Clearly, both companies have corporate ego’s due to success, but they also have vastly different cultures. Garmin is an engineering based culture, but Cirrus is more marketing oriented.

I asked a Garmin employee about the Cirrus they had in their hangar with G1000 being installed and got an earful about how Cirrus and their planes were &%$# (manure).

I suppose if Cirrus decides to switch Garmin will get back in gear, but until then I don’t see Garmin making much more effort. I believe Cirrus is the only large player remaining not to offer G1000.

Imagine if garmin stopped production of the 430’s (it won’t happen though). Avidyne would be in a perdicament

I suspect that Avidyne will be offering a fully integrated system soon, but Garmin wouldn’t stop making them as long as Avidyne keeps buying a couple thousand plus a year.

My understanding is that since Columbia began to offer the G1000 as an extra cost option over the standard Avidyne that only one airplane has been made with an Avidyne. ALL other buyers have paid extra for the G1000.