Fuel leaking from Wings


I was looking at some airplane photos at airliner.net and I saw that the guy who took the picture left a comment saying that there was fuel coming out of one of the wings. Why does fuel come out of a planes wing at takeoff?


I highly doubt that it was fuel. Can you link to the photo so we can take a look?


Possibly dumping fuel?


I once saw the fueler overfill a 727 (the autostop probably failed). When he did the overflow shot fuel out a valve on the underside of the wingtips (which I assume is what they also use to dump fuel).

I’m not sure if other more modern aircraft even have this feature.


I assume you were talking about this photo?

You can find a very extensive discussion about it here.


My first inclination was that it was a condensation vapor trail, however…

If that is the photo in question, then this is in fact the explanation…

the fuel seen coming out of the wing is actually purging overboard from the Fuel Vent. This happens due to a high angle of attack, and a high fuel load.


Maybe a pic from the die hard 2 movie. :smiling_imp:

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It happens…



Note how calm everyone is in the photo.

For now!


Yeah, pilot calmly tying his shoelace.

Situational awareness anyone ?





Couple bags of kitty litter and that’ll clean up, no problem :wink:


The guy in the white jumpsuit under the right wing is plugging the other vent with his finger… :bulb:


You sure they weren’t dumping the crapper? :stuck_out_tongue:


in one wing and out the other,
they’ll never get it


Oh dear god!!! :open_mouth: All the You Tube videos I’ ve commented on telling these chemtrail guys that John Redcorn was with their wives while they were filming United flight 167 flying over at FL370 from Chicago to Harrisburg, and now I see that they do indeed stuff one wing full of chemicals, they just left the “gascap” off. These Dale Gribbles were right!! :open_mouth: :wink:


Oh my goodness, I went on youtube and looked up those chemtrail things, and wow. Are you kidding? Those guys are NUTSO. Apparently none of them ever took meteorology, or they would know it is completely logical that what they are seeing is based on the atmosphere, NOT some chemical dumping. And it is funny, there are all those videos saying “if you didn’t believe, you will now” and there are all kinds of BS pics, including, laughingly, a shot of the tip of an E-8 wing, which is a RADAR-type instrument. It just blows my mind.


If you want to see sickos on YouTube (and who doesn’t!) search for some of the 9/11 videos that prove that not only did aircraft NOT fly into the World Trade towers and Pentagon on that sad day, but it was all a government plot and they blew up the buildings with the help of the Israelis.


I admittantly spend WAY too much time on those videos. My favorite was just the other day, I saw a commentor, explain, they should outlaw “all white aircraft”.(This video was an E-8 or another non KC135 707 variant, which was technically light gray, and did have tail markings, like any other USAF aircraft). I love the comment function on those videos , these guys are deadset in their ways. I’ve given up trying to give explanations, and I resort to leaving annoying comments such as calling them King of The Hill charactors , or by telling them the real conspiracy is why chicks don’t dig guys that are into Dungeons and Dragons, that is obviously the conspiracy they should climb aboard.


very true, there are alot of the “related videos” on the chemtrail videos that are 9/11 related. Unbeleivable! But hey, it’s cheaper than cable and more entertaining than alot of shows!!! :laughing: