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FTH533 from ALB doing circuits

Couldn’t sleep so I looked to see who’s flying near me and saw this. Came out of Albany and has been doing laps for 4 hours now. There is also another “blocked” aircraft flying nearly the same pattern but 300’ difference in altitude. The only thing I could find is the flight comes back to Mountain Aviation. Anybody have any ideas about what they’re doing?


Don’t know for sure, but at my location it usually means aerial photography, laser scanning (for better maps) forest fertilization or looking for leaks in the district heating system (with IR cameras). Very seldom it about finding missing people (usually a helicopter fitted with an IR camera).

Or it could just be the ordinary low-level chemtrail operations you happen to stuble upon :upside_down_face:

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looking like “mission flight”. i saw same pattern at my area. especially coast guard planes searching any area for rescue mission or refugee detecting mission flights.

That is a common aerial survey pattern as noted above such as for photography.