Wells Fargo N23NW surveillance plane

Kansas had a visiting Wells Fargo surveillance Cessna Conquest do a precise flyover and a search of N23NW’s activity shows a pattern (pun intended).

I have no reason, but curiosity has me wondering if it’s looking at or for collateral?

Google Earth’s opening widget is here:
flightaware.com/live/flight/N23N … ogle_earth

Belongs to this company nwgeo.com/index.php

You mean there’s a logical explanation for this suspicious activity??? Heresy… next thing you’ll tell me is that the moon landings are real…

Another Conquest (N441FS) got the hell into Dodge and is taking a look around.

flightaware.com/live/flight/N441 … /KDDC/KDDC

Try this


What they are trying to tell you is Wells Fargo is just the leasing company, they own hundreds of airplanes.

I noticed this AC up again today. Very interesting flight pattern. Definitely search/survey activity.

Chemtrail applications. I saw the sprayers.

I have to say this. I can’t keep quiet any longer. I’m one of the pilots of this plane. Every thing runway027 says is true.

BRB…someone at the door.

Think of the possibilities: a chemtrail opportunist, with access to publishers and tv shows and all sorts of conspiracy “fleecing the morons” scams…develops an otherwise harmless chemical that when sprayed makes people believe in chemtrails!!!

It is gold, I tell ya! Gold!