Ft 6515

I can’t find Ft: 6515 opperated by Skywest Airlines

LAX to OAK. But I found OAK to LAX. Can anyone help me? :question:

Works for me.




Interesting, it DOESN’T work for me, but I think it’s because you are using the wrong code for Skywest. Isn’t it SKW, not SWA? SKW6515 works.

edit: BTaylor beat me to it.

Also, to answer capken’s confusion, Skywest uses the flight number for the whole round trip, so when the reverse is the most recent flight, the reverse is displayed.

That doesn’t happen often! You don’t mind if I just savor the moment for a while, do you? Mark it in my calendar? Take the day off in observance of the anniversary next year… :smiley:

Yeah, that works for me also (flightaware.com/live/flight/SKW6515), although I’m not sure how I entered the wrong airline code the first time.

Must have suffered a brain fart! :wink: