FS routes


Is it possible to find routes for use with FS2004 and how? Thanks!


Yep, use the IFR Route Analysis tool.


where is that located. thanks@!


I linked to it in my post: http://flightaware.com/analysis/route.rvt


Sorry about that:) So, do you prefer this site for routes better than simroutes.com and why? Thanks


He’s part of the staff, and AFAIK a real pilot. He probably doesn’t flight sim, but I may be wrong. :laughing:

Either way, I sim in FS9 and always use the routes from here, as do a lot of simmers. For US routes, nothing beats real time plans.


Yeah these plans are what ATC is clearing the flight for. I ONLY use Flightaware when it comes to routes. When I use FSPassengers and the actual flight number, route and crz alt it helps me feel like I am realy flying the trip. I also use the wheels up/down times from this site to measure my times with what the real world guys do. Plus the picture of the route on here shows weather and it helps me see what I am in store for with REAL WEATHER downloaded for FS. Plus the airlines will file routes to avoid MAJOR weather and hey, if it helps me avoid it also, COOL!!! The more I fly like the real ones the more into FS I get.


PMDG + FS2Crew


See my post herefor FS information inspired by this thread.
discussions.flightaware.com/view … c&start=25


How can I check all waypoints from origin to destination because in the IFR Route Analyzer there are only names of airways shown?


You can use something like fsroutes.com to copy+paste the route and get an automatically generated MSFS .pln file. The only downside is that while that site recognizes SID/DPs and STARs, they don’t get added to the flight plan (at least not yet). You’d need to manually enter the waypoints from a chart.


You can also use FS Build to import these flight plans to the FMC. They can be saved as CO routes for future use-Joe


Well, if you are using a realistic FMC, you can enter the flight plan the way it reads here, which is the correct way. In the FMC/MCDUs, you don’t enter every waypoint, you enter airways, and the FMC fills in the waypoints in the LEGS page for you. You’d select your runway, DP, and transition, then the plan. Direct To waypoints are entered this way, but it depends on the flight. Boeing doesn’t want pilots entering waypoints using the keypad during flight, so the way it’s done is by selecting preprogrammed navdata, such as the SID DP/STAR IAP database.

As suggested, the web site FSRoute.com http://www.fsroute.com/
(not FSRoutes :wink: ) will let you enter the plan as a copy and paste, then give you all the fixes IIRC. Only problem is that some waypoints might not match the Navdata, and therefore cause some errors. Also, if you save it to use in the sim, you’ll find it places your plane in very screwy spots around the airport, like taxiways and in buildings. It doesn’t give you an altitude either, so you have to manually edit the file to include your altitude (FL). It’s kind of a PITA.

If you aren’t using a fancy FMC, but the default GPS, then you’ll have to read the plan and make it yourself in the FS Flight Planner.

I can check them if I need to with paper NACO charts, but you really don’t need that to use the plans from here.


So J230 and J48 are airways not waypoints, aren’t they? Realistic FMC? Is it some fs add-on? I don’t have any fs add-ons yet so I use a default flight planner. There aren’t waypoints such as J230 and J48. And what are NACO charts? Are they SID, STARS and so on charts or sth different? Thanx in anticipation!


If you are using the default aircraft, the easiest thing to do is use http://www.fsroute.com/ to compile the routes available here on FA into MSFS form, and then open the plan in the FS planning page. Easy enough, you don’t have to worry about jetways and intersections, and you get a realistic flight path.


Where to paste the flightplan that I receive after generating it on fsroute.com? Anywhere or to the folder where all flightplans for FS are saved?


Yes, the folder with the other FS flight plans. In my case, it is My Documents -> Flight Simulator Files. That is where FS installed the folder, so that’s where I would look first.


Sorry if I was confusing. Yes, J230 and J48 are airways. There’s also the V (victor) airways as well for below FL180.

What I meant about the FMC is that it’s a text-based GPS and obviously in the real world must be programmed, however, most routes are preprogrammed and stored in the FMC per airline. When you program the route in a realistic FS add on you would enter the airways and transition points, thus the FMC automatically fills in the waypoints along the airway you entered. It saves some time typing. :wink:

A couple developers that simulate realistic FMC operation are PMDG and Level-D. They develop very nice, but perhaps complicated Boeings for FS. Depends on your level of experience.



The NACO charts are everything. SIDs (DPs), STARs, IAPs, and much more. The SID, STAR, and IAP charts can be obtained from NACO or various aviations sites on the net, including here. The others (e.g., High Altitude IFR Enroute, VFR Terminal) must be purchased from places like local GA airports or online.