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Free up space on my sd card it's getting full

Feb 11, 8:47 PM

You guys sent me a message on my ADS-B page telling me my SD Card was getting full and to expand it for more room it already was it was only a 8 gig card so I setup a 16 gig card and it’s all set up but when I click on my web interface to view my planes it tells me the page can not be displayed. Now In the future is there a way to run a command to free up space on a SD card. I ordered a 32 gig card it will be in on Friday but is there a way to free up space so when I set up the 32 gig card and it fills up down the road what can I do to clean it up thanks a bunch.


df -h

this will show the amount of space on the card and how much is in use in human-readable form - are you seeing the hole disk (sdcard) size or does the file system need expanding to use the physical space available.

sudo du / --max-depth=1 -h

This will show which folders are using the most space, again in human readable form#

swap the / for the next directory name to drill down - you’ll usually find there’s a lot of logs or something collecting in one place