For anyone building their own JSON aircraft DBs...

Over time i have been slowly building a DB of aircraft that visit down this way that I use in the JSON DB in PiAware.

Some of this I have prepopulated based on fleet listings and manual rego lookups, many of these fleets fly all around the globe.

This got me thinking, is this the kind of information that is easy to share? Could be as simple as pasting the sections here in the same format as the vrs.csv.

That said I have added an extra two fields to my JSON DB, one for Aircraft type description and one for owner/airline.

At the moment I have fleet listings for:

  • All of Air New Zealand and their local subsidiaries
  • A good chunk of the International Jetstar fleet and the domestic A320s
  • Most fo the Qantas international fleet
  • Most of Virgins Australian based international fleet
  • Emirates A380s and 777-300s
  • A whole pile of Chinese airlines
  • Singapore Airlines larger international fleet
  • Cathay Pacifics A340s, A350s and 777-300s
  • Some United 777’s and 787s
  • Hawaiian’s A330 Fleet
  • FedEx’s MD11 Fleet
  • American Airlines 787’s
  • LAN Airlines 787’s
  • Fiji Airways international jumble fleet

My data looks like this:
AAE1EA,N800AN,B788,Boeing 787-8,American Airlines
AAE597,N801AC,B788,Boeing 787-8,American Airlines
AAE958,N802AN,B788,Boeing 787-8,American Airlines
AAED0D,N803AL,B788,Boeing 787-8,American Airlines
AAF0C6,N804AN,B788,Boeing 787-8,American Airlines
AAF47D,N805AN,B788,Boeing 787-8,American Airlines
AAF828,N806AA,B788,Boeing 787-8,American Airlines
AAFBDF,N807AA,B788,Boeing 787-8,American Airlines
AAFFA2,N808AN,B788,Boeing 787-8,American Airlines
AB034D,N809AA,B788,Boeing 787-8,American Airlines
AB0969,N810AN,B788,Boeing 787-8,American Airlines
AB0D15,N811AB,B788,Boeing 787-8,American Airlines
AB10CB,N812AA,B788,Boeing 787-8,American Airlines
AB148E,N813AN,B788,Boeing 787-8,American Airlines
AB1839,N814AA,B788,Boeing 787-8,American Airlines
AB1BF0,N815AA,B788,Boeing 787-8,American Airlines
AB1FA7,N816AA,B788,Boeing 787-8,American Airlines
AB30E6,N820AL,B789,Boeing 787-9,American Airlines
AB349F,N821AN,B789,Boeing 787-9,American Airlines

Interesting Pete. I use a mySql database based on VRS, and like you have added some columns (eg a icon lookup for dump1090)

Does the JSON solution work well?

There doesn’t really seem to be a free database out there that I have found, and updating is a bit of a chore

I’m certainly interested in what you have. How big is your overall file? Any reason you couldn’t post it as a zip to google drive or onedrive or some such and post a link?

It’s working OK for me now given I have a spreadsheet as master and using that to create the CSV files for import. Running the conversion python script on my PC so just have to move the DB files once done.

Here you go:

It’s not very big at the moment, just over 300kb.

How can I contribute? I sit on a major flight path to ORD, DTW and the Polar routes to Europe