Custom JSON Database Anomaly


I have replaced the default json files under /usr/share/dump1090-fa/html/db with a set I created and in previous iterations of a v3.5 SDCard image this has worked fine for my internal network, I never tested it externally.

I had cause to re-image and having set everything back up I find I can see registrations and aircraft types only when I view my site from work (external to my home network) but not when I’m connected to the internal IP address of my RPi.

I have only port 80 open to the RPi via the router, is there anything else needed?


The DB is just static data like all the rest of the html / javascript so no you don’t need anything different.

I have noticed that sometimes adblockers will get false positives on the db files.


That’s a great pointer obj. I opened my local network into a new browser (MS Edge) and the db data shows!

No matter what I do in Chrome I can’t see the data despite having located and remove an ad blocker!

Never mind, I’ll keep searching.