Flying Over Area 51


Found this video of these two idiots who flew over area 51. Now I wonder if this footage is real/by them because you think the air force would have come after them. Of course, maybe the 172 outran any air force offering. :laughing:


Saw these idiots a while back. To goobers in a 172 taking shaky video of random desert. Very compelling. The Groom Lake footage is either lifted from elsewhere or this was on a weekend and the Air Force wasn’t working.


I would, ever so politely fly past them at 350mph… in a B-52… make the 172 look like a bean in a can… going down a mountain… :stuck_out_tongue:


Is there a change they could have bypassed the air force? I am not familiar with this airspace.


funny how they play music when they are supposedly looking at the restricted area’s … but for everything else you can hear the engine noise in the cabin


would, ever so politely fly past them at 350mph… in a B-52

I was just thinking, the air force has to have something that can fly at least 2500 miles per hour. The SR-71 was just over 2000 miles per hour. cough…aurora.


I noticed that… I was gunna mention that. All of a sudden the C172 falls silent.


ya gotta be stealthily silent flying over 51, that’s why the quiet…


Ahh, they were gliding over eh? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, a kid once parked a 172 in red square, but I have serious doubts about the validity of this footage.


According to the video they were only skirting the parimeter of the restricted airspace, after they remarked about flying through the MOA. Wonder if the MOA was hot at the time-- seems stupid to play around in it.

I agree, it seems like the silent footage was edited in.