Fly bys


If there was a plane such as a boeing777 fly by at an airshow would it be a flight that you could track or not? :confused: Because I have watched video clips of airliners flying by at airshows.


If it is part of an airshow, I doubt it would be under an IFR flight plan, and therefore not show up here. I could be wrong though, I’m just assuming.

If you want to see the track of a fly-by, find the track of the COEX ERJ that landed at IAH with a blown tire. IIRC, it did at least one fly-by of the airport as it was circling.


Yeah I bet your right it makes scense but i didn’t know if they went from the airshow to another airport to pick up people and the leg before would show up.


That kind of flight might be filed IFR, but it would look just like any ordinary flight.


I don’t think it would track like any other flight wouldn’t it circle until it is time for the fly by?


Depends if it lands at the airport first.


Why would it depend on that i’m not familiar with that kind of information.


Well, if the plane landed, it would end that flight, and “cancel” that flight plan. That wouldn’t happen if it stayed in the air circling, however it might cancel for other reasons.


OH :stuck_out_tongue: