Please forgive my ignorance (and lack of time to search), but curious which planes carry the FLIR feature. Looks really cool! Here’s a video of it being used to land at night at one of my favorite airports, ASE.

- YouTube)

One of the PC12’s I fly from time to time has this installed as an extra feature. The camera is in the tail and the monitor is on a swinging arm on the captain’s side. It’s not as advanced as what’s on the Gulfstreams but it’s very neat to use at night.

Anyone know what aircraft that is being used in the video at ASE?

The auto pilot and auto throttle diconnect annunciation are the giveaway as to type.
Looks like the demo for enhanced vis in the G4/G5.
It really does work as well as you see it there.
Combined with the HUD it is a great tool for night and bad wx ops.
Went into Frobisher Bay (CYFB) one dark and stormy night and it was like flying at high noon.

It is:

When EVS was just comming out Gulfstream sent a sales guy out to talk with us. He talked about the developement of the EVS relative to Dassault’s synthetic vision. Also talked about the developement of the HUD. It is largely based on the F-16 HUD. Interesting day listening to his pitch.