FlightXML3 SetMaximumResultSize 404


Is SetMaximumResultSize supposed to be working with FlightXML3? The link in the docs at http://flightaware.com/commercial/flightxml/v3/apiref.rvt#op_AirlineFlightSchedules doesn’t seem to work.



results in a 404 with the following response:

  "error": "Method SetMaximumResultSize not found"


It’s not yet in FlightXML3, but if you make that same call in FlightXML2 it will also increase your max results in FlightXML3. It’s being added now and will be available for public use in a day or two.


So ignore what I just said. We decided we will get rid of the maximum size limitation in FlightXML3 so there will be no need to call SetMaximumResultSize. The changes for that will be available in the next day or two at which point whatever value you put in for howMany will be accepted.


But this is still not working. it returns only 15 records


So the way it works is there is no longer a SetMaximumResultSize method, and you can set your howMany up to the limit of your tier. So if you’re on starter that’s still only 15. Also to get the next ‘page’ of data (ie set offset above 0) you have to be bronze or higher.

So if you were on a bronze plan then you could setup the howMany up to 30 (if you set it higher it will just fall back to 30). See the pricing page for the limits:
flightaware.com/commercial/flig … _class.rvt