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FlightInfoEx returns only 15 results, ignores SetMaximumResultSize


I’ve set the SetMaximumResultSize value to 30 and then run the FlightInfoEx command with howMany=30. I only get 15 back even though there are way more than 15 flights within the past two weeks. I use the same account and key when issuing both commands. When I run SetMaximumResultSize I get this back {“SetMaximumResultSizeResult”:0} which indicates that it should have set it properly.

Any hints at what I’m doing wrong? I know there are only two weeks worth of data for FlightInfoEx, but the flights I try have more than 15 flights in the last two weeks so I would expect more to be returned.

Here is one of the flights I tried:


howMany must be spelled with an uppercase M for it to be honored.


Arrrg… thanks for catching that!