FlightXML3 method that return origin and destination based on flight number


Is there any method on FlightXML3 that would do the following:

I have to pass to the method the the airline the flight number and the date and the method return the origin the destination and the time.

Some flights have different origin and destination so the method should return an array with the multiple destinations/times

Does FlightXML3 have any method to provide this information?


You may want https://flightaware.com/commercial/flightxml/explorer/#op_AirlineFlightSchedules in FlightXML2 or AeroAPI ✈ Version 3.0 - Flight Status API / Flight Tracking API / FlightAware API - Commercial Services - FlightAware in FlightXML3 Beta.

It’s returning

{ error: ‘Your account subscription level does not have access to AirlineFlightSchedules.’ }

That method is not available on the starter plan for FlightXML3.

You can upgrade to the Silver or higher tier for FlightXML3 or use FlightXML2 and use per query pricing.

Pricing for FlightXML2 and FlightXML3 can be found at AeroAPI® Flight Tracking and Flight Status API - FlightAware